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Sep 14

Skyblock Earth | Season 1


This is one of the most powerful planets,
The only problem is, no one is on the throne.
Are you strong enough to conquer the throne?


Right, it's no secret that Skyblock Earth was a test of performance and hardware. And admittedly, we could of done better.
It's within my own right, to admit that this season wasn't as great as promised.
So, we've designed a completely new list of features for Earth on Season 2, of which will be released shortly after Fire Realm.

Some notable features that were implemented for Skyblock Earth

Custom Gambling
- Coin Cakes
- Roulette System

Island Trinkets
- Speed Trinkets
- Strength Trinkets
- Regeneration Trinkets
- Night Vision Trinkets
- Jump Boost Trinkets
- Haste Trinkets

Mystery Heads
- Special obtainable items
- Unobtainable Spawners
- Vouchers


Now, as to why we're closing Skyblock Earth early.

It's within our right mind, that Earth is providing any fun gameplay to players, or competition.
Spending more money on keeping it up, would provide no additional value to our network.
So, with the remaining money that is left over from the remaining week, we'll be putting into development and advertisement for Skyblock Fire.
We've gone into maintenance multiple times since release, mostly to fix proxies and loading balancing, but this also hurt the competition on Earth. This won't be happening as much anymore, as the majority of the issues that were still remaining have since been fixed.

Thank you to all that played the first season of Earth, I promise to you that we'll learn from these mistakes and improve for next map.

Regards, @Jaii